JETI U-plow

A diagonal plow is an ideal solution for plowing large fields and road areas. The plows are equipped with horizontal and vertical float mechanisms and a blade suspension mechanism also found in our other plows. The sizes of our U-plows range from 1.8 to 5 meters.

Product numberModelMax width mm AWidth mm BAuxiliary wing width mm CWing width mm DHeight mm EWidth FWeight Kg
7050JETI 180/300300022602x60018008501990690
7051JETI 200/320320024602x60020008502140740
7052JETI 220/340340026602x6002200850 2300900
7053JETI 240/390390028602x7502400100028001060
7054JETI 280/430430032602x7502800100028001350
7057JETI 280/480477037602x9702800120028001350
7056JETI 320/520517041602x9703200120031401460
7055JETI 360/560557045602x9703600120034701600

    High-quality plows, scoops, sweepers and sand spreaders

    POME is a metalworking company based in Pomarkku. We specialise in civil engineering and property management solutions. We have an extensive standard product range, and its products are suitable for most models.

    With over 40 years of experience, we manufacture articulated plows and U-plows with auxiliary blades, side-widening zoom plows, and various attachments for earthmoving machinery such as sanding buckets and quick couplers. In addition, we manufacture grabs and special buckets for large industrial plants and ports.