The articulated plow with auxiliary blades is a true multifunction machine. The plow can be used as one wide wing, like diagonal plows, or to collect and transfer snow in the same way as with Jeti U-plows and articulated plows. The plow is very narrow in relation to its overall width, which is convenient when transferring snow and plowing in tight spaces. The extra-wing plow also has a durable and reliable blade suspension mechanism, just like other Pome plows. The width of the ploughs range from 3 meters to just over 6 meters. The rotation angles of the auxiliary blades are +/- 60° in relation to the base blades.

There are several different blade size options available for the plows.

Only one double-acting auxiliary hydraulic system is required to control the plow, after which the plow control operates either from the base machine’s electrical controls or from the optional control unit. The control unit does not require anything from the base machine other than an 11A power cord. Everything else comes with the control unit.

Product numberModelMin. plowing width mm AMin. plowing width mm BWorking width mm CBasic plowing width mmNumber of auxiliary wings X mmWing height mmWeight Kg

    High-quality plows, scoops, sweepers and sand spreaders

    POME is a metalworking company based in Pomarkku. We specialise in civil engineering and property management solutions. We have an extensive standard product range, and its products are suitable for most models.

    With over 40 years of experience, we manufacture articulated plows and U-plows with auxiliary blades, side-widening zoom plows, and various attachments for earthmoving machinery such as sanding buckets and quick couplers. In addition, we manufacture grabs and special buckets for large industrial plants and ports.