Quick couplers

We manufacture quick couplers with mechanical or hydraulic locking for property maintenance machines, tractors, backhoes, and wheel loaders.
High quality materials and finishing ensure durability and reliable operation. Ask about the available models for your machine and we will help you find the best solution for your needs.

Product numberModelCouplingWeight KgMachine size class
5083HydraulicK-500, VOLVO L45-501653-10t
5071HydraulicVOLVO L60-7030010-13t
5072HydraulicVOLVO L90-12040013-19t
5073HydraulicVOLVO L15060019-29t

    High-quality plows, scoops, sweepers and sand spreaders

    POME is a metalworking company based in Pomarkku. We specialise in civil engineering and property management solutions. We have an extensive standard product range, and its products are suitable for most models.

    With over 40 years of experience, we manufacture articulated plows and U-plows with auxiliary blades, side-widening zoom plows, and various attachments for earthmoving machinery such as sanding buckets and quick couplers. In addition, we manufacture grabs and special buckets for large industrial plants and ports.