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We have a long history of producing a grapple from custom-built large 20m3 rope pins to small standard hydraulic models. Also, excavator grabs from polyphane grabs to log splint grabs are part of our collection.

We also carry out complete basic maintenance and spare parts deliveries for the Grapples.

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Spare parts

We have spare parts for all products. You can ask about spare parts
directly from Tuomas.

Tuomas Salonen
p. 040 1395151

High quality plows, buckets, brushes and sanders

POME is a metal company based in Pomarkku. We specialize in civil engineering and property management solutions. Our extensive collection guarantees the fit of most models.

With over 40 years of experience, we manufacture articulated and articulated plow auxiliary wings, side-wide zoom plows, and a variety of contractor accessories such as sanding buckets and quick couplers for earthmoving machinery. We manufacture grabs and special buckets for large factories and ports.

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